Al-Khair Foundation

About us


Al-Khair Foundation for Social Development (AKF) is a Yemeni non-profit organization operating under a license number (42/122) issued on 7/24/2008 from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor.

We aim to improve the reality of Yemeni society and we are interested in supporting sustainable and comprehensive development paths through implementing development programs targeting multiple segments of society with a focus on gender. We devote all our efforts to fulfill our social role in various fields without discrimination or racism, mainly in the fields of education and building Capacity; With the aim of raising the level of education and spreading the culture and importance of learning in deprived societies, our resources are devoted to fulfilling the diverse needs of society and we implement our specific interventions in improving livelihoods, establishing our positive and effective presence in rural areas, and based on our vision, we collaborate in paying efforts with various partners in facing the humanitarian crisis are going on currently Yemen, by working in the field of emergency humanitarian response.
upon AKF effective role in social development efforts that contribute to providing safety and achieving social peace, and that merit led to nominate Al-Khair Foundation for Social Development for the Oslo Business Prize for Peace held in 2013 by the Clinton Global Initiative CGI in the United States of America.

Our Values

  • Humanity: We are keen to take into account the needs of the beneficiaries from a humanitarian perspective based on mercy, appreciation, and dignity.
  • Integrity: We proceed in the performance of our business from the principle of integrity without any discrimination, waste, appropriation, or the creation of personal benefits.
  • Positive impact: All of our interventions (programs, projects and activities) depend on achieving a positive, sustainable impact in society.
  • Non-discrimination: We look at all beneficiaries and their various groups without discrimination.
  • Partnership: With donors, with our partners, or with the community, we believe that true partnership is the key to the success of any community work.
  • Quality: Quality holds the utmost value that we must exercise when carrying out our activities.
  • Initiative: We encourage everyone who works with us to suggest ideas or implement activities with an initiative.
  • Innovation: Transforming creative ideas to innovative applied solutions.

Al-Khair Achievements

Women Empowerment
Orphans & Marginalized Care
Youth Support
Grants/ Education Programs

Al-Khair Foundation

Our Mission

“Prudently identify major development challenges then target the most vulnerable segments through delivering free and well-designed educational, rehabilitation and skill-development programs with special emphasis on creating job opportunities and achieving sustainable sources of income to the youth of both sexes and deprived families, parallel with improving their habitats.
We persistently encourage others to create their own initiatives and contribute to society”.

Our Vision

“One of the most efficient approaches to improve livelihoods, alleviate poverty, endorse gender equality and diminish harmful drifting of our young ones, starts with eradicating illiteracy, spreading the virtues of knowledge and investing appropriately in sustainable rehabilitation, thus contributing to the wellbeing of the most vulnerable segments of our society”.

Our Goals

We operate according to following goals:

1. Motivating young people to make the best use of their time to strengthen their knowledge of the various sciences.
2. Supporting the national campaign to eradicate illiteracy by encouraging girls and mothers who did not have the opportunity to study regularly since childhood.
3. Establishing centers and specialized institutes for developing youth capabilities.
4. Providing guidance and counseling services for young people in all administrative, technical, and touristic aspects, and in all activities.
5. Cooperating with academic institutions and striving to coordinate the exerted efforts in a way that serves and develops the capabilities of youth.
6. Providing in-kind and cash assistance to needy families.
7. Contributing to support and finance social development projects.

Founder and Co-Founder

Alwan Saeed Al-Shaibani
Omar Yaqoob
Co Founder